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2014年5月23日 (金)

2014年からの新企画!専科 特待生だより。









I'm a student of ECC Senka at Yokohama. Please let me tell you about myself and ECC Senka.

I'm a professional musician. Although my major is composition I sometimes play the piano with a singer.
So I like to compose pop music and classical music. I mainly create J-pop music now,but I have one more target.
I want to go abroad to study film music for Hollywood movies at a graduate school in the United States.
But it's necessary to get a good TOEFL score for submitting the application for admission.
In addition, I haven't studied English since high school, that's the reason why I decided to get into ECC Senka.

There are six people in our class who belong to another generation and they have different characters like the following:a young guy, a cool guy, an active woman, an elegant woman, an intelligent woman and me.
Nevertheless it's been about a month since Senka started in April and we are on good terms.
As far as I'm concerned, the level of our English lessons is a little tough so far,because our teachers speak only English and we must not speak Japanese either.
But my classmates always encourage me and I can always ask them questions about English.
I think this environment is good for me to improve my English skill.
I’ll try to keep up with my classmates in all lessons.

That's all for today.
If I have the opportunity, I’ll tell you about our great teachers too.

Michy from ECC Senka at Yokohama



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