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2016年1月29日 (金)

特待生だより Lizさん♪

Nice to meet you!
I’m Liz.
Did you have a nice time over this winter vacation?

We have been studying English at ECC SENKA since last April. We have a really great time with our classmates and teachers. However, it is a little too busy for me to enjoy chatting with them.

Time flies. We only have two months before we graduate. Most of students probably make some resolutions or plans for a new phase. Of course, we don’t need to rush.  
If you have time, I would recommend visiting the seaside, Inagenohama, to see the setting sun. In addition, you can see ‘a diamond Mt. Fuji’ in February. The beautiful scenery will refresh you.  Let’s enjoy our wonderful days and do the best we can!

2016年1月23日 (土)

Global Communication Course“Before And After”

2015年度のグローバルコミュニケーション専科コース(以下 専科コース)も3月の卒業式を控えていよいよ大詰め。やる気に満ち溢れた生徒さん達にとっては冬の厳しい寒さもなんのそのsnow

ECC天王寺ミオプラザ校のCommunication Practice(以下 CP)担当講師のジェニファー先生の突撃インタビューをご覧くださいeye

●Stephanyさん (Level 2)

Q:What made you consider the Global Communication Course?

A:Since I started attending the service at a church where many foreigners attend.
I felt the need to speak English in order to communicate with others.

Q:How have you changed since the beginning of the Global Communication Course?

A:After spending nearly a year on the Global Communication Course, it became so much easier to understand English in foreign movies. I was very surprised!
Also, I had no trouble in communicating and asking questions when I travelled abroad.


Anneさん (Level 3)
Q: What made you consider the Global Communication Course?

A:I had taken the Senka Summer Program twice in the past, and since then I had been thinking about taking this course.

Q: How have you changed since the beginning of the Global Communication Course?

A:All our teachers make us think about the reason why I choose that answer, or ask us to share our opinions in the class. This makes me think about everything deeply.

Comments from the CP teacher, Jennifer Gemmell


●Stephany, in Level 2, started the Global Communication Course in April.
She goes to a church where English is spoken. Since April, her English skills, especially speaking and listening, have improved dramatically!

●Anne, in Level 3, started the Global Communication Course in April. She is a ballet teacher who has even studied in London. Since April, she has been a dedicated student and her English has improved so much!
昨年4月に専科コースを始めたAnneさんは、バレエ講師でもありロンドンにバレエ留学した経験もあります。 熱心に勉強をされているAnneさんの英語力はもちろんグングン伸びています!



So, what is your goal for this year? 


2016年1月18日 (月)

特待生だより Stephanieさん♪

Hello! 専科事務局のMayですhappy01




Hello everyone! I'm Steph from Shinjuku Level 4 class.  Glad to write this diary.

2 weeks ago, we had a big Senka annual event. It was the Presentation Contest!
We were divided into several groups of around five. All the groups had to decide their own topic and made their presentation from scratch! We were given one month for preparation.
Since our class has only six people, we did our presentation as a class.
It was our first time to work as one team, and there were some difficulties while we were preparing. I'm pretty sure every team had the same kind of problems.
Though we had difficult situations throughout the preparation, our presentation was a big success!! We really enjoyed the event, and learned a lot from this experience. We learned how difficult it was to compromise with others, and to work efficiently within such limited time. We also realized how important it was to know your teammates' strengths and weaknesses.
We couldn't win a prize but we had a precious time. I'm very proud of my class!
Our CP (Communication Practice) teacher once said, "It doesn't matter if you win or not. The process is the most important. "I completely agree with his opinion. Through this event, we were able to improve in many ways, and we now have stronger ties than before!
Every team did brilliantly. I really want to give a big hand to everyone's great efforts!!

Anyway, we have already finished all the classes this year, and now we're enjoying our winter vacation! Hope everyone is having a great time.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!
(Don't forget your homework...! oops!!!)


2016年1月 9日 (土)

2016年、夢・目標に向けてNever give up on !



今回は、京都の四条校でCommunication Practiceクラスを担当している、Stefanie先生からみなさんへメッセージをお届けします。

You all have come so far ! Your teachers are very proud of you and your hard work.
SENKA is like a marathon, and you are almost finished.
Even if this seems tough, give it everything you’ve got and finish this year strong.
You can do it !



記事作成:四条校 中川Sally(専科担当)




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