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2018年7月31日 (火)


Hello everyone. My name is Yuki.

I am a Senka student at Yokohama school.
I’m enjoying my Senka life.

There was a speech contest which was one of the biggest events on July 20th. 
We practiced the speech every day. It was very hard for me.
I was worried about whether I could memorize all the sentences.
Also, I got nervous when I spoke in front of lots of people.
We practiced under the leadership of teachers and I practiced at home by myself.
Everyone’s speech was great!And I was able to get a prize.
This speech contest gave me a great confidence!

Hard work pays off!!




2018年5月29日 (火)

特待生だより Minaさん♪

Hello everyone,

I am Mina, Senka student for Level 3 at Ikebukuro School.

  Over a month has passed since Senka Program began. How has it been for you and how are your classmates? I enjoy my classes every day.


(1) All teachers give us nice classes and are patient all the time in order to help us improve our English language skills. Each class has a different textbook, but the same words appear around the same period. Therefore we can use them soon after we learn them. All lessons are connected to our English future.

(2) My classmates are very positive. We can encourage each other. It is a personal thing but I began to suffer from anxiety in May although I was excited in April. It was probably a kind of anxiety that young generation does not suffer from. However, my classmates, who are of the similar generation to mine gave good advice to me and encouraged me. I was so glad.


Although each student has a different goal, I think that it is important to open one’s mind to keep one’s motivation up. If I can make a suggestion, the students of the same level in different schools could communicate and exchange opinions sometime through video conference….!

2018年5月25日 (金)








受講生 Sarahさんの声

受講生 Suzyさんの声

Happy Fridaynote

2018年3月14日 (水)

特待生だより Belleさん♪

Hello everyone.

I'm Belle in level 3 in Tokyo Yaesu Senka.

After the presentation contest, we've been studying hard toward the end of
the year. And we have only one week left.
I can't believe that Senka will be over soon.
What has helped us through this course is not only our passion for English
but also our motivation and our peers to learn English together. I was very
reassured by my friends. Thank you for your help and kindness.

I also enjoyed Senka course as a scholarship student. We could share
information and problems everytime we had a meeting.I truly want to thank
you from the bottom of my heart.

I think everyone is going to work, to study and so on after graduation.
Let's do our best in the future!


2018年3月 1日 (木)

特待生だより Emmaさん♪

Hello, my name is Emma.
I'm a Senka student in the level 2 class at Yokohama school.
I'm so surprised to know that we have only two months to go until the graduation ceremony. In April, I thought our presentation contest would be held in the distant future.
However, it will be coming up soon!(on February 9th)
I heard it was a very interesting event,but at the same time I'm a little nervous.
This year's theme is "New Technology".
The difficult point is that we can't choose far imaginary technology.
It has to be based on reliable information.
Realistic but innovative idea...How difficult!!
Therefore,our class spent a lot of time to decide a theme.
We managed to decide it by the end of last year, but we have to improve the contents again and again from now.
However, I don't want to forget to enjoy it!
I hope everyone can do their best!!




2018年1月15日 (月)

特待生だより Yamatoさん♪

Hello, everyone! My name is Yamato.

I am a level 3 SENKA student at Yokohama school. Also, I am a senior in university and I have been studying English to study in Canada.

Recently, I went to Germany with my father to know what he is doing on business.
It was a great opportunity to talk with foreigners by using what I had learned in SENKA classes. I really enjoyed sightseeing, learning about German culture, and eating local food like Eisbein, Schweinshaxe, and etc. In Germany, I realized that the most important thing was to make myself understood easily. Of course, the English skills such as speaking, writing, reading, and listening are important, but also your passion is necessary. I mean that how you express what you want to say will influence your conversation. I learned a lot of things from my experience in Germany. By the way, how was your winter vacation?

As you may know, we have a lot of homework and it is time to start preparing for the biggest event of SENKA, the Presentation Contest in February!!! I am trying to keep myself highly motivated and studying hard.

Actually, there are about only two months left. I will miss my SENKA life!

Well, it’s about time I did my homework.
Thank you for reading my writing to the end!

2017年11月 3日 (金)

特待生だより Anneさん♪

Hi, everyone! Happy Halloween! My name is Maki. I’m in Level 5 in Umeda School.
My nickname is Anne, and this is my third year in Senka.
We had Halloween party last Friday at Umeda school. As I’m a scholarship student,
I organized it. Halloween is getting popular here in Japan, but we don’t know much about it. Therefore, I researched it, and I made some questions to have my fellow students get some knowledge. I want to introduce some of my questions.
Firstly, do you know the country of the origin of Halloween? You might think it is the US, but it is Ireland. There were a people called the Celts, and Halloween was one of their festivals. Their new year started on November 1, and finished on October 31.
October 31 was the new year’s eve, and October 31 was the day when their ancestors came back. It was like Obon for Japanese people. That’s the reason why the day of Halloween is fixed on October 31.
Secondly, do you know the fact that the last Monday in October is a holiday, and all schools are closed for the whole week in Ireland? Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in Ireland. It’s totally different from Japan. Japanese people just enjoy wearing costumes. How interesting the cultural difference is!
Lastly, people make Jack-O-Lanterns with pumpkins, but originally the Celts used turnips. After immigrating the US, it was difficult for them to get enough turnips, so they started to use pumpkins because they were much easier to get than turnips. Jack-O-Lanterns made from pumpkins are very popular in Japan, but the origin was completely different. That fact is also very interesting for me.
As these examples show, we realized many things thanks to Halloween. In Senka,we are learning not only English, but also many other things, such as cultural differences. We are the same humans even though we have different nationalities. I think we should understand and respect the differences between people, and this will make us think globally. I’m very happy if that Halloween party was one of the opportunities which broadens our minds.


2017年10月25日 (水)

在籍生だより Misaさん♪


I'm Misa from Level 4 in Umeda Hankyu Grand Building School.
It's been 6 months since Senka started in April.How've you been?
I'm finally getting used to my classes and I'm enjoying Senka life.

Last month,I joined The All Japan ECC English Speech Contest for the Mayor of Honolulu Trophy.
Most contestants looked really nervous including me,
but they made their speeches confidently once they stood on the stage.
I was the first speaker in the oration division,which made me more nervous,
but I left relaxed when I saw me teachers and classmates cheering for me.
I was satisfied with my performance though I didn't win any prizes.
The things that I enjoyed most is that I could listen to other contestant's speeches.
Each topic was interesting and their speeches moved me because of their passion.
The speech contest made me grow and stimulated me to study English much harder.

There're only about 5 months left before graduation,
so let's improve our skills until then!!


2017年10月14日 (土)

在籍生だより Patrickさん♪










Hello, my friends. Allow me to introduce myself.
I'm a level 4 student at Umeda school in Osaka, named Patrick.
How's everyone doing? It's been about 7 months since we started studying in Senka class.
You guys enjoy your own English life, I presume.

Today, I'd like to take this opportunity to share my experience
at the ECC Honolulu Speech Contest held last month-and to practice writing English paragraphs as well.

Before coming to Senka, I hadn't had any chances to give a speech in front of many people, 
not to mention in English. So, there were a lot of difficulties for me to overcome in order to
be chosen as one of contestants, not only improving my English skills, such as constructing sentences, pronunciation, and fluency, but also getting used to delivering my speech in front of audiences were hard missions I had to accomplish.

To be honest, I couldn't have done it if it hadn't been for the unconditional support of my
classmates, teachers, students, and staff members in Umeda school, which I couldn't appreciate more. They've encouraged and cheered me up all the time, giving me great courage to finish the task.

It might not always be the case that your study goes as planned, you might occasionally bump into
seemingly high walls to climb. But don't worry, my friends. You're in Senka, surrounded by many likeminded people.
Seek their support and they will give you invaluable advice, and vice versa.
That's why Senka is so unique and special.

Thank you for reading my post.
This is my first time writing a blog post, but I'd love to write another one if I had a chance.
Keep up the good studying, my friends. ENJOY English!!



2017年10月11日 (水)

特待生だより Annieさん♪

Hello everyone!

I’m Annie in level 2 at Omiya school.
The 2nd semester has begun, and one new student joined our class.

This time, I’d like to talk about the 1st semester which we really enjoyed.
I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already!
Our class has some rules. First, we talk a lot with each other every day. Second, we help each other. Third, we try to make a good atmosphere.
We’ve kept these rules, and that’s why we can have a good time.

I usually arrive at ECC 15 minutes before the class starts. Then I enjoy talking with my classmates about a lot of things. This helps us to get to know each other more. After class, we have to read SRA, and then we study together or enjoy talking again. Of course we speak in English, so we can get new information or new vocabulary.

We’ve gone through lots of things: Speech contest, SSP(Senka Special Program), Mid-Term exam, and more. They have all been great experiences.
Actually everyone got a higher score on the 2nd TOEIC® Listening and Reading IP Test

We will keep studying and having fun every day! Thank you for reading this.

See you!!



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